• Budapest, the Capital of the World’s Hungarians—the First Day of the VI. Friends of Hungary Conference

    It’s not enough to be talented, you also have to be Hungarian—said President János Áder, using the world-famous photographer Robert Capa’s phrase, in welcoming the Community of the Friends of Hungary Foundation; the thought behind this, the active patriotism, was felt by more than two-hundred families who had returned home for the conference. Members later listened to Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s speech on the aims of the government while E. Sylvester Vizi emphasized: it’s important to create a legitimate image about Hungary and its successes worldwide.

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  • Cardinal Péter Erdő Welcomed the Friends of Hungary at the Mindszenty Mass

    Members of the Friends of Hungary Foundation, from 29 different countries of the world, arrived in Esztergom to attend the mass held by Cardinal Péter Erdő offered to József Mindszenty, one-time archbishop of Budapest, and his beatification. Before the service, the cardinal greeted the near 150 guests from abroad emphasizing his joy that they can celebrate together. E. Sylvester Vizi, Chair of the Foundation’s Board of Trustees was present at the mass, along with Miklós Kásler, Minister of Human Resources, state secretaries Mariann Vízkelety and Pál Völner, and former constitutional judges. The diocese bishop of Nagyvárad (Oradea), László Böcskei, emphasized during his homily: the past cardinal was God’s gift to not only his time but for future generations as well.

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  • „We Always Were, Are and Will Be Hungary’s Friends” – the Friend of Hungary Award

    From Australia to America, there is only one Hungarian bookstore left: the Canadian „Pannonia”. Its owner organizes and manages live radio broadcasts in Hungarian, helping the diaspora preserve their Hungarian roots. Zsolt Bede-Fazekas received an award this year from the Friends of Hungary Foundation. In addition, the Hungarian Scouts Association In Exteris and Christopher Ball, the honorary consul of Hungary in Connecticut, received recognition handed over by the Minister of Human Resources, Miklós Kásler, in Esztergom.

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  • Visszidensek 2. - book presentation of the 2nd book about "Remigrats"

    Following the success of the first volume of his book ‘Remigrates’ (Visszidensek), Hungarian journalist Péter Gyuricza has interviewed another twelve Hungarian people who decided to return home despite leaving the country decades ago. ‘Remigrates’ presents their life and work both abroad and at home.

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  • Meeting of the Friends of Hungary Community

    Six months after the 5th Friends of Hungary Conference, and six months before the 6th, members of the Friends of Hungary Community met to share their thoughts about the most relevant questions.

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  • Hungary in Europe - Europe in Hungary: Friends of Hungary in Berlin

    Hundreds attended the Friends of Hungary Foundation‘s and Philidor Institute‘s jointly organised event, dubbed Hungary in Europe – Europe in Hungary at the Hungarian embassy in Berlin yesterday. Beside exciting music and art shows, invitees could hear important speeches from high-profile politicians and personalities.

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  • Hungarians From Around the World Gather for the 5th Friends of Hungary Conference in Budapest

    For the fifth time in Budapest, on the first weekend of May, members of the Friends of Hungary Foundation traveled to Budapest from every corner of the world in order to spend the weekend together, exchange ideas and raise awareness of each other’s and the motherland’s successes, as well as the challenges and problems faced by their communities. Prime Minister Viktor Orbán gave a speech at the event and President János Áder welcomed the participants at the Sándor Palace, his official residence.

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  • Hungary at First "Site" - Friends of Hungary Foundation hostes conference for foreign journalists

    Last week, the Friends of Hungary Foundation, publisher of Hungary Today, hosted a three-day conference entitled “Hungary At First ‘Site’”. The organization, which aims to serve as a bridge connecting Hungarians around the world, invited a group of foreign journalists to Budapest in order to provide them with first-hand experiences about Hungarian politics, economy and culture.

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  • Meeting of the Friends of Hungary Community

    E. Sylvester Vizi, Chair of Friends of Hungary Foundation, invited on the occasion of the Hungarian Diaspora Council members of the Friends of Hungary Community to a meeting

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  • Fourth Friends of Hungary Conference

    "It's great to be Hungarian" - Friends of Hungary Foundation held its fourth meeting in Budapest on 5-7. May 2017

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