• Sándor Petőfi: National Song, translated by Ferenc Veszely, member of the Friends of Hungary Foundation

    Sándor Petőfi’s poem “National Song” was translated into English by the writer and translator Ferenc Veszely (Frank Veszely), a member of the Friends of Hungary Foundation.

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  • New Book Remembers the Work and Times of Nuncio Angelo Rotta

    On Tuesday, the Friends of Hungary Foundation (Magyarország Barátai Alapítvány, MOBA) has presented their new book “From the political reports of Nuncio Angelo Rotta 1930-1939, 1938-1945”. The event was held in association with the Hungarian National Archives (MNL) in their headquarters in Buda Castle.

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  • The American Hungarian Federation celebrates its 115. anniversary

    The American Hungarian Federation (AHF) celebrated its 115th anniversary on October 28 at the Embassy in Washington, DC.

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  • Reading evening on the occasion of the anniversary of the 1956 Revolution

    On the occasion of the anniversary of the 1956 Revolution, our Foundation organized a commemorative event/reading evening on October 25. Kund Bándi, member of the Foundation and author of the book "Köd előttem 1956 Köd utánam", and his daughter Írisz Réka Bándi enriched the event with music and short stories and poems from the book.

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  • Freedom Fighter Statue Dedicated at Atlanta’s Millennium Gate Park Honoring 1956 Hungarian Revolution

    On October 23, 2022, the Hungarian American Coalition (Coalition) dedicated the Hungarian Freedom Fighter statue at Midtown Atlanta’s Millennium Gate Park to the Freedom Fighters of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution. A crowd of 250, including 15 freedom fighters and their families witnessed the unveiling of the nine-foot statue, made of keyblue granite from Elberton, GA.

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  • VIII. Friends of Hungary Foundation Conference

    Committed people from more than 20 countries, who want to and can do something for Hungary, are meeting at the VIII Conference of the Friends of Hungary Foundation this weekend in Budapest. The event was opened on Friday afternoon at Pesti Vigadó by the President of the Foundation, E. Sylvester Vizi.

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  • Recipients Awarded with this year’s Zoltán Kallós Award for Hungarians Abroad

    Since 1995, the Prime Minister of Hungary has awarded the prize in recognition of the sacrificial work of the Hungarian community abroad. The prize was presented by Árpád János Potápi, State Secretary for Hungarian Communities Abroad.

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  • Hungarian Summit 2022: A Hungarian-American success story from Florida

    The first Hungarian Summit was held in Daytona Beach, Florida, on May 12-14 this year, organized by the non-profit organization HungarianHub. The main goal of the three-day event was to "build bridges" between the two countries, focusing on five areas: Business, Education, Culture, Community and Sports.

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  • Hungary's Order of Merit went to German Professor Reinhard Olt: "For me, this is the greatest thing I have received so far".

    "In recognition of his publication activity in the international press, which has always strengthened Hungary's reputation, and his writings on the history of Hungarian minorities in the Carpathian Basin," the justification for why last year the German historian, publicist and Germanist received one of Hungary's highest state honors read.

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  • Fifth Hungary at first "site" conference - Friends of Hungary Foundation journalists' conference - online

    For the fifth time the Friends of Hungary Foundation organized a closed conference for foreign journalists. The event was attended by 14 journalists representing 9 different media. The aim was to obtain first-hand information on the most topical issues of the Hungarian economy, culture and politics through discussions with prominent personalities of Hungarian political and public life.

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