About us

The Friends of Hungary Foundation was established in 2011 with the aim to provide value-based, yet non-partisan, information to the community of Hungary’s friends and the general public on events and successes concerning Hungary and Hungarians living around the world. The Foundation collects and disseminates information about the social, cultural, economic and scientific activities of Hungarians, strengthening the ties between Hungarians living in their homeland and in the Diaspora. Friends of Hungary is working to help to create a more complete and accurate public image of Hungary and the Hungarians. The Foundation thinks of itself as a bridge between academic figures and those involved in public life in Hungary and abroad. There are many Hungarians in the wider world who find success abroad: they are proud of being Hungarian, and Hungarians are proud of them.

They are the informal ambassadors of our country: they improve the reputation of Hungary, contribute to its image and recognition, and build our civil and political relationships.

Member of the Friends of Hungary Community are people living abroad who are either of Hungarian ancestry or have a passion for Hungary and count as opinion leaders within their own communities and countries of residence. To provide just a few examples, the diverse ranks of the Friends of Hungary Community include a Nobel Laureate chemical engineer, a successful bank chief, a former ambassador, a foreign journalist, an academic and an opera singer. Spread out over five continents of the world, our members receive regular information on Hungarian public affairs. 

We are in contact with dozens of Hungarian associations through their leaders, who help us spread news about Hungary and Hungarians all over the world.

Our website, friendsofhungary.hu, offers our registered members up-to-date information on the successes of Hungarians living across the globe and the Foundation’s programs. In addition, the  news portals Hungary Today and Ungarn Heute published by the Friends of Hungary Foundation, provide information on current affairs in Hungary to the broader public in English and German respectively.

So far, we have had the pleasure to host eight successful world meetings, with altogether 200 guests arriving to Budapest from countries as far away as Brazil, the Republic of South Africa and Australia.

The Friends of Hungary Foundation (Magyarország Barátai Alapítvány), is a completely separate organization from the Magyar Foundation of North America, which was founded by the Hungarian government. The group registered in the United States as “Friends of Hungary” changed its name to “The Hungary Initiatives Foundation” according to government decision 1156/2015. (III. 17.). The Friends of Hungary Foundation (Magyarország Barátai Alapítvány) was registered in Hungary in 2011 by György Granasztói. The Foundation’s starting capital was 200,000 forint (approximately $700).