Ötödik Stressz Nyári Szabadegyetem - Selye János eredeti elképzelésétől a jelenlegi haladási irányokig

A Selye International Institute for Advanced Studies & IUPHAR GI Section által szervezett nyári egyetemet idén Komarnóban rendezik meg

Summer School on Stress: From Hans Selye’s original concept to recent advances

  • An interactive educational experience -

Organized by: Selye International Institute for Advanced Studies & IUPHAR GI Section

Hosted by: The Selye University, Komarno, Slovakia

Original program accredited by: University of California-Irvine, School of Medicine

June 26 - 30, 2017, Komarno, Slovakia (where H. Selye grew-up)

Course directors: Profs. Arpad Somogyi, Sandor Szabo & Yvette Tache                                                                                

 (All former PhD students of Hans Selye, the ‘father of biologic stress’; hence the school is very authentic, free of frequent distortions & over-implications of stress. It is comprehensive & interactive since it covers virtually all aspects of stress, based in part by oral or poster presentations of participants.)

Faculty:  Internationally known experts & investigators (e.g., basic scientists & clinicians) who made original discoveries in the field of stress research & stress-related diseases, as well as local & regional experts.

Course goals: better understanding the concept of biologic stress, its manifestations, mechanisms & its pharmacologic ramifications (e.g., the anti-inflammatory & immune-modulating actions of glucocorticoids & the possibility of drug-interventions in severe distress), & to learn new avoidance, management & coping strategies. Certificate of attendance will be provided!

Main topics:

  • The origins of stress concept &  the seminal discoveries of Hans Selye
  • What is stress, what is not
  • Stress: distress vs. eustress & transtress – similarities in the adrenal glands, big difference in the brain
  • The neuroendocrine mechanisms of stress; physiologic & pharmacologic actions of glucocorticoids
  • Effect of stress on immune response & its role in the mechanisms of various diseases
  • Stress & structural GI diseases, e.g., gastro-duodenal ulcers, IBD (inflammatory bowel diseases)
  • Stress & functional GI disorders, e.g., motility disorders, IBS (irritable bowel syndrome)
  • PTSD & organ systems involved in biologic stress
  • Management strategies for stress: Pharmacologic interventions and/or life style changes
  • My good & bad experience with stress: Challenges & lessons learned (Short, oral or poster presentations by attendees)
  • Stress in our daily lives – from distress to eustress: Open forum with participation of all registered attendees

Venue:  Komarno –  Komárno/Komárom has been a historical town in Hungary situated on both banks of the Danube. Following World War I the newly created Czechoslovakia cut the historical, unified town in half, creating two new towns. The smaller part, based on the former suburb of Újszőny, is in present-day Hungary as Komárom (the historical Hungarian town had the same name). Komárno and Komárom are connected by the Elisabeth Bridge which used to be a border crossing between Slovakia and Hungary. Selye University - In 2004 the first Hungarian-language university in Slovakia since 1919, the Janos Selye University was established in Komárno (Janos is the Hungarian for Hans). The Selye University is a modern educational and scientific institution, with several new and old, renovated historic buildings in two main campuses in the city. Each year more than 1700 students study at three faculties/schools. The faculties offer courses in accredited programs for bachelor, master and doctoral degrees.                                      Our special prices for hotel rooms in Komarno are 50-70 euros, while hostels for students housing are available for 7-25 euros.

Chair of Local Organizing Committee:  Dr. Janos Filakovszky, MD, PhD, MBA

Abstracts submission (for oral or poster presentation): Abstracts should be sent to Prof. Martina Rojnic-Kuzman mrojnic@gmail.com   before the deadline of  May 26, 2017.  Authors of submitted abstracts get 20 euros discount (enter Abstract2017 code at checkout!)

Registration fee (includes access to all presentations Monday-Friday, course material, lunch, coffee breaks, welcome reception & one group dinner & one sight-seeing tour): 120 euros for undergraduate students;  150 euros for PhD students ; 200 euros for others. Please register at our website: www.stresseducation.org

Contacts:  For scientific & professional issues:  Sandor Szabo, MD, PhD, MPH  szs@selyeinstitute.org . For registration & local accommodations: Mgr. Gergely Kocsis  kocsisg@ujs.sk; for student dormitories: kollegium@ujs.sk