• Friends of Hungary Founder Baron William de Gelsey Passes Away At 100

    Baron William de Gelsey (Báró Gelsey Vilmos) has passed away at the age of 100. One of the founders of the Friends of Hungary Foundation, Baron Gelsey lived a life of achievement, faith, and community service. Among his many undertakings as an economist and banker, he was the chairman of Gedeon Richter’s board of directors, and became a permanent honorary chairman of the company in 2017.

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  • Premier! The 'Great HungarICONs' short film series launched

    Hard work, sentiments connected to Hungary, inspirations that encourage to achieve and battles that are behind the success – all this is hidden behind the achievements of remarkable and internationally known Hungarians, which is shown by short videos worth watching.

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  • Scouting webinar

    The Friends of Hungary Foundation continues its webinar series. The next presentation will cover Hungarian scouting abroad. Date and time: 8th of July, 2020, wednesday, 6 pm CET. Panel of presenters: Imre Lendvai-Lintner Judit Némethy Kesserű Melinda Gáspár The presentation shall be delivered in Hungarian, with real-time English translation (available in a separate voice channel).

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  • New Hungarian Review publications available

    Down Fell the Statue of Goliath - Hungarian Poets and Writers on the Revolution of 1956 Nicholas T. Parsons: Civilisation and Its Malcontents - Essays on Our Times A Nation Dismembered - The 1920 Treaty of Trianon in Hungarian Poetry

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  • András Oplatka, Swiss-Hungarian Journalist, Founder of Friends of Hungary Foundation Passes Away

    András Oplatka, renowned Swiss-Hungarian journalist, historian, and translator, passed away on Wednesday morning at the age of 78 in his home in Zollikon near Zurich after a long, serious illness. He was one of the founders of the “Friends of Hungary Foundation”, publisher of news portals ‘Hungary Today’ and ‘Ungarn Heute.’

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  • Friends of Hungary Award 2020

    The Board of Trustees of the Foundation is glad to announce the winners of the Friends of Hungary Award 2020. Hearty congratulations to the Winners, read the names and words of appreciation below!

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  • ’Friends of Hungary’ at the ’Future: Hungary’ Conference

    ’Future: Hungary’ Conference was held on the 7th of March, 2020, in Cambridge. The Friends of Hungary Foundation was represented by Miklós Verseghi-Nagy managing director and Miklós Halász-Szabó editor in chief of the 'Hungary Today' news portal.

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  • ‘I Dance Hungary’: New Folk Dance Tutorials From Szatmár to Learn!

    I Dance Hungary is a website providing tutorials led by dance experts, along with original footage for those wanting to learn Hungarian folk dance. Its new tutorial series, the ‘Dances of Szatmár,’ was filmed at the summer diaspora camp of the Rákóczi Association, with the support and contribution of the association. The website is also supported by the Friends of Hungary Foundation, the publisher of Hungary Today and Ungarn Heute.

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  • “How Good to Be Hungarian” – 3rd Edition of Remigrates Presented

    Following the success of the two previous editions, Péter Gyuricza interviewed another twelve emigrants who decided to return to Hungary. Published under the patronage of the Friends of Hungary Foundation, publisher of Hungary Today and sister site Ungarn Heute, Remigrates 3 (Visszidensek) was presented on Thursday.

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  • Speech of László Papp on October 23 in Wallingfordban

    Ezerkilencszázötvenhat, nem emlék, nem múlt vagy nékem, nem történelem, de húsom-vérem, lényem egy darabja, szívem, gerincem - kijöttél velem...

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