Friends of Hungary Award 2020

Winners of the Friends of Hungary Award 2020 announced


Friends of Hungary Foundation community member.

Research chemist, senior scientist; president of the US West Coast Club of Hungarian Scientists.

Miklós Czaun actively contributes to Hungarian science and the enhancement of Hungary’s reputation by his outstanding professional and communal activity.

He assumes a significant role in organizing the cultural and scientific life of Hungarians living on the US West Coast and strives to strengthen their national unity.

By earnestly cultivating and developing Hungarian-American university relationships, he enhances the reputation of Hungarian academic education and highlights the possibilities in the area of cooperation with Hungary. He demonstrates good example and motivates people around him to stand up for the interests of Hungary and spread its good reputation in the world.



Friends of Hungary Foundation community member.

Annamária has performed social duties for 25 years in several Hungarian organizations in Germany. Last year at the Friends of Hungary conference workshop held in Esztergom she presented the Association of Hungarian Organizations in Germany (abbreviated as BUOD after its name in German). She is presidium member of BOUD, and member of the Education Workgroup.

She has been the president of the Association for Hungarians in Hamburg, and vice-president of the German-Hungarian Association in Berlin-Bonn. She organized several events, conferences in the topic of education, visits of German-Hungarian delegations to Hungary. She assumed a significant role in creating the Hungarian weekend school, that has been up and running for three years established by the Hungarian Association of Hamburg.

Furthermore, Annamária is always there as a volunteer, if a Hungarian person needs help in Hamburg or any other German city: if an interpreter is needed in a hospital, someone needs help with the language, mental assistance, managing official matters, keeping families informed, getting in contact with the consule, etc.



Dr. Unterberger is one of the most famous publicist in Austria, he was the editor in chief of two significant Austrian dailies, at present he writes a blog called ‘Andreas Unterbergers Tagebuch’ (Diary of Andreas Unterberger), that is one of the most frequented political blog Sites in Austria boasting 4,5 million views from 492.000 different users.

Mr. Unterberger has deep interest in Hungary and the political way Hungary is pursuing from migration-, to family-, to European policy, he writes many well-informed articles related on these Hungarian topics.

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