’Friends of Hungary’ at the ’Future: Hungary’ Conference

’Future: Hungary’ Conference was held on the 7th of March, 2020, in Cambridge.

The Friends of Hungary Foundation was represented by Miklós Verseghi-Nagy managing director and Miklós Halász-Szabó editor in chief of the 'Hungary Today' news portal.

Our aim was to present the objectives and activities of our organization to the participants of the conference, who were mainly Hungarian students studying in the United Kingdom. In order to advocate the alternative of returning home after completing studies abroad, we presented attractive stories of our founders and members. Above all, our aim was to strengthen the participants’ ties with Hungary and to build connections with the Friends of Hungary Foundation.

Mark Priam, president of the Future: Hungary 2020 conference said the followings in his opening speech:

„Speaking of the Future continues! You will meet renowned professionals, researchers, thought-leaders and self-starters presenting their view on our future and what is possible from Hungary through the lens of their own specialization or business. 

Last but not least: You are going to be there, as indispensable students, who constitute the core of our community. Undergraduates, Graduates and Phds, first years and finalists or the ones who started their career, from every university in the UK with different degrees, interests, aspirations and ideas. We are driven to reach all of you, share the message that you belong here with us and bring you together to fill this day with life.”

The underlying aim of Future: Hungary was to be the number one destination for students if they think about Hungary and for organizations if they think about talent.

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