Faith Morality Science

By: Cardinal Péter Erdő, Chief Rabbi József Schweitzer and Professor E. Sylvester Vizi

In Hungary in 2005, a public, friendly discussion occurred between three of the nation's leaders: Cardinal Péter Erdő, the cardinal primate of Esztergom, Bishop and President of the Catholic Bishops' Conference of Hungary, Chief Rabbi József Schweitzer, Hungary's retired chief rabbi and Professor E. Sylvester Vizi, president of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.

The trio wanted to discuss matters such as the connectivity between faith, science and morality, in a way accessible to the lay reader.

This is the third volume in a series focusing on questions of Hungary's intellectual and spiritual health. The topics of their discussion touch on everyone's daily lives and relationships. Professor Vizi comments on the matter of individual responsibility. Rabbi Schweitzer reminds the world that the world's worst mass murderers were able to convince their people that their way would lead their nations to prosperity. Cardinal Erdő discusses the importance of tradition and a deep personal faith, even in times that lean heavily on rationality.


The role of faith in science and the improvement of social life.

Exclusive discussion with Archbishop Péter Erdő, Pastor of the Reformed Church Zoltán Balog, Executive Rabbi Slomó Köves and neuroscientist E. Sylvester Vizi.

Kossuth Rádió: April 18, 2021, Sunday, 4.30 p.m.

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