Martonyi János 2x3cm

János Martonyi decorated with Széchenyi Prize

János Martonyi, Member of the Board of Trustees of the Friends of Hungary Foundation, lawyer, former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Hungary, has been decorated with the Széchenyi Prize by President…


Miska János1

János Miska as “Knight of Hungarian Culture”

Writer János Miska, member of the Community of Friends of Hungary Foundation, has been decorated with the title “Knight of Hungarian Culture”. Congratulations!      

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Zoltán Maros, Canada

“We, the community of the Friends of Hungary Foundation, do a great deal for the communities we live in. It is extremely important that we can all be proud of being Hungarian. So we all have to do something for our homeland, Hungary, for which we enjoy the support of great friends.”

Zoltán Maros, Canada

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