About us

Mission of the Friends of Hungary Foundation is to provide up to date information on events and accomplishments in Hungary to a worldwide network of Hungarians and opinion leaders, as well as to engage people from around the world to collect and disseminate information about the social, cultural, economic and scientific activities of Hungarians abroad. Our Foundation would like to create a more complete and correct public image of Hungary and the Hungarians with the help of the ever-increasing number of its membership.

Members of the Friends of Hungary Community are people living abroad who are either of Hungarian ancestry or have a passion for Hungary and count as opinion leaders within their own community and country of residence. Some examples of the diverse ranks of the Friends of Hungary Community include a Nobel Laureate chemical engineer, a successful bank chief, a former ambassador, a foreign journalist, an academic and an opera singer. Spread out over five continents of the world, our members receive regular information on Hungarian public affairs. Membership in the Community is of an informal nature and does not fall into any specific legal category. Members of the Friends of Hungary Community contribute to the Foundation’s work based on their own personal undertakings with the objective of making their impact in building Hungary’s international reputation. Membership of the Friends of Hungary Community is open to any individual invited by one of our members or a person commissioned by us for this purpose, irrespective of any further conditions or national background, provided that the nominee has a fondness for Hungary and abides by the values of the Friends of Hungary Foundation.

Our website, friendsofhungary.hu, offers our registered members up-to-date information on the successes of Hungarians living across the globe and the Foundation’s programs. In addition, members also regularly receive the Hungarian-language Friends of Hungary magazine, while hungarytoday.hu, a news portal published by the Friends of Hungary Foundation, provides information on current affairs in Hungary to the broader English-speaking public.

So far, we have had the pleasure to host three successful world meetings, with 80 guests arriving for the first conference in January 2014 and more than 150 visitors coming to Budapest for the second and third annual event, including from countries as far afield as Brazil, the Republic of South Africa and Australia. The conference’s participants were received by President of the Republic János Áder in the Sándor Palace, and on each conference members of the Friends of Hungary Community had the pleasure to welcome Prime Minister of Hungary Viktor Orbán as key note speaker, who engaged in sincere and straight-forward conversation with the members of our Community after delivering his lecture.

Egon Kiss-Borlase – Switzerland

“I think back of January’s meeting with very nice memories. It was flawless and it should serve as an example of how to organise a conference. However, not everyone can be as nice and thoughtful as you!”

Egon Kiss-Borlase – Switzerland

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